Named Entity Recognition Technologies Are Often Nameless

It is always an interesting paradox when experts in a given field live in contradiction with the principles that guide their expertise. The popular proverb “the shoemaker’s children are often shoeless” comes to mind. Recently, I was following a very rusty Econoline vehicle with an anti-rust company name written in big rust-tainted letters. I also used to work with an information-retrieval genius who worked in a cluttered cubicle among piles of paper.

In the four years it required in research and development, YooName remained nameless. At some point, it boasted five different temporary codenames, including NERF (Named Entity Recognition Framework). For obvious reasons, it would not have been a good idea to use this name on the market. Someone might have hit us on the head with a foam gun.

So we named finally our technology “YooName.” In terms of naming techniques, it is

  1. an amalgam of “Yoo” (pronounce “you”) and “Name,”
  2. a suggestive name that refers to the idea that you (the developer) get the power to identify named things in text and,
  3. an associative field comprised of the many Internet companies with two “Os” in their name.


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