3 New Types

According to users’ suggestions and our own gut feeling, we’ve added three types to the YooName NER engine:

Blog title: Wanna recognize occurrences of entities such as “Boing Boing,” “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER,” “Engadget,” or “TreeHugger?” Go ahead, now you’re ready to scout the Web in search of new feeds.

Musical genre: Blues? Jazz? Techno? Or maybe you prefer Death Metal and Minimalist Experimental? YooName knows them all and will annotate texts for you.

Operating system: The inner geek emerges. YooName knows OSs that most people haven’t even heard of (are we overdosing on Windows?): Darwin, Oberon, REBOL-IOS, Plan 9, etc.

What’s next? You tell us!

2 Responses to “3 New Types”

  1. Tony Says:

    Please add on Street recogintion, Business name (University, Bar, Club, Station…)

  2. yooname Says:

    To a certain extend, streets and businesses are recognized. But it is limited to major roads (e.g., Broadway, Wall street, Interstate Highways, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Trans-Labrador Highway, …) and major businesses (56,000 entries plus lot of aliases). Right now, universities and station have their own classes while bars and clubs are put in the higher-level category “company”. We’ll add them to the todo list, thanks!

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