The Same Antique Web

It’s in the air.

We’re flooded by catchy phrases announcing it.

It’s all about semantics, AI and Web 3.0:

Web3 is closer than you think!”
You ain’t seen nothing yet!”
Web as artificial intelligence supplanting human race!”

Some years ago, “you” were the superstar of Web 2.0 and its social networks.

In the late ’90s, the dot-com boom had everything going Web-based, from grocery delivery to movie rentals. It was also when Google made its debut.

Overall, it’s difficult to say if these Web movements were successful or if the whole thing was a waste of time and money. Judging from Web 1.0 Google and Web 2.0 Wikipedia, I’d say humanity has a positive balance.

Web 3.0 should be just as disruptive as its predecessors. There will be tons of new companies bridging natural language technologies and current Web content to provide what we could call “semantic hyperlinks.” If just one of these companies can find a way to resolve ambiguity, which accounts for 50% of everything we write, it will totally change the face of the Web. Right now, we must realize that all that noise and irrelevance in search engine hit lists is abnormal.

In the end, “versioning” is just part of the Web hype. What really matters is what’s always been fundamental about the Web:

People – a lot of people – sharing content.

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