New Information Extraction Projects

YooName named entity recognition technology is now at the hearth of new projects in the domain of Online Reputation Management and Monitoring.

  • InfoGlutton aggregates restaurant reviews and classify them by sentiments (positive, neutral, negative). InfoGlutton is aimed at helping restaurant owners getting a complete overview of the ‘digital word-of-mouth’ around their brand.
  • FoodFu reuses InfoGlutton data into a restaurant directory for foodies in search of the best tables in town.
  • DingDining leverages YooName entity recognition trained for food industry domain and offers a directory of restaurants ranked by awards and distinctions.

And there’s more to come!


6 Responses to “New Information Extraction Projects”

  1. Taras Says:

    hi, where is it possible to try demo of YooName system? There is mentions of the demo in your posts, but I can’t find it on yooname,com

    thanks in advance

  2. Todd R. Karminski Says:


    I wanted to see if you felt that YooName could be a tool that could be placed on a private network (not connected to the Internet) and used to extract entities and thier attributes and relationships from internally generated documents?

    Thank You,
    Todd R. Karminski

  3. Andy Says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to try out Yooname for my research study, may I know how can I access the demo ? Thanks.


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