8 Sentiments

8Sentiments.com is semi-supervised sentiment analysis engine.

8Sentiments model is trained every day from large volume of unannotated Twitter data and can learn emotion related to current topics.

For instance, on April fool day, the phrase ‘April Fool’ was learned and associated with emotion ‘Surprise’.

Current 8 emotions are anger, fear, sadness, joy, the waiting, surprise, disgust, and acceptance.

Very simple API is available and sample code is provided for java, ruby and python.



2 Responses to “8 Sentiments”

  1. Dave Says:

    Do you have any more details on this? The link 8sentiments.com appears to be dead. A quick search turned up only this post and no other references.

    • yooname Says:

      The demo ran for 6 months or so. It was made available to gather feedback from people around. contact me at infoglutton.com (david @) for more info.

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